About James Newton Poling

Retired minister, counselor, writer living in North Carolina

Loyalty oaths and gun rights


How did the right wing go from the anticommunism requiring loyalty oaths to the U.S. govt in the 1950s to defending gun ownership because they might have to  overthrow the U.S. government? See Nancy Poling’s blog at http://nancypoling.com/2013/01/17/of-loyalty-oaths-and-gun-rights/

New publication: Korean Resources for Pastoral Theology: Dance of Han, Jeong, and Salim by James Newton Poling and HeeSun Kim (Wipf and Stock, 2012)

Korean Resources for Pastoral Theology: Dance of Han, Jeong, and Salim by James Newton Poling and HeeSun Kim (Wipf and Stock, 2012) is now available at https://wipfandstock.com/store/Korean_Resources_for_Pastoral_Theology_Dance_of_Han_Jeong_and_Salim


Carol J. Adams, feminist-vegan activist and writer

Carol J. Adams, feminist-vegan activist and writer, has just published a revised edition of her important book, The Politics of Meat. She makes a compelling argument for reassessing the relationship between feminism and respect for animals. She has an excellent webpage that is worth exploring, http://caroljadams.blogspot.com/.

In my study of the natural environment at the NC Arboretum, I am coming to accept the importance of the subjectivity of nature. This is especially evident with wild animals who live their own dramatic lives without reference to human beings. And it is also true of plants and inorganic objects, according to Whitehead’s Process Philosophy.

What would it mean to live as if the natural world has its own subjectivities and that humans must live with respect and openness to these “Others?”

Caring for the Earth who cares for us.

We have a lot to learn about how God’s creation takes care of us without our awareness.  Unless we learn how to care for the earth in return, the future does not look good. The latest species I heard about being endangered are chimney swifts. After we cut down all the forests where they nested, they shifted to chimneys. Now we are capping chimneys and they have no place to go. The same thing is happening with dozens of species. It is a tragic story of violence with short and long-term consequences for human beings.