Articles and Lectures

What did I learn about Sex from the Church?   A short article describing my experience of teaching a seminary class on religion and sexuality.

What is Christian Counseling?   An exploration about the gap between pastoral counseling and Christian counseling based on a lecture in Seoul, Korea.

Women and Men: Sharing Holy Ground. A short review of the history of men’s movements and the pastoral care needs of Christian men today.

Clergy Sexual Abuse as Abuse of Power. A theological discussion of right uses of power and signs of the abuse of power.

Where I Live is Where I Work, Pastoral Psychology, 1995.

“Biblical Models of Education,” Brethren Life and Thought, 1970.

Congregation as a Healing Community, Brethren Life and Thought, 1988.

“It’s time to Specialize,” BLT, 1967.

Ethical/ Moral Issues in Pastoral Care and Counseling, JPC, 1988